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I finally had made it home, sighing in relief at the warmth of my apartment. I glanced down at the chicken scratch on my arm and frowned. Should I even go? I don't even know this guy. Not to mention he didn't have a face, which was even more strange. I shook my head, I didn't want to think about this right now. Thoughts of sleep were filling my mind as I went into my room and grabbed a notepad from my desk, jotting down the address to google it tomorrow morning. Afterwards, I trudged to the bathroom and took a short, 15 minute shower. The warmth of the water calmed me down and eased the soreness in my body. After that, my thoughts consisted of nothing but sleep.

I didn't even bother to wrap the towel around my body, I just walked out of the bathroom drying my hair with the towel. I couldn't help feel like I was being watched, but I didn't think much of it in the end. I put on my comfortable large T-Shirt and crawled into bed, sighing contently under the covers until I drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


It was until 11:00AM my eyes opened, light shining through my curtains. I glanced at the clock and was a bit shocked about how long I slept in; typically on most days I'd wake up at 9, or 8. Shrugging to myself, I threw my blankets off of my body, grabbing the notepad that I wrote the address down on and my laptop, going into the living room. I sat down lazily, kicking my feet up on the coffee table in front of the small sofa, setting my laptop on my lap and the notepad beside me. I used google maps to locate the building. I frowned, seeing it was a cafe a bit of ways from town, but it was about a 45 minute walk from my apartment. I didn't have a car, so I'd have no choice but to walk.

What confused me though that it was an old Coffee shop that was closed, I was certainly sure of that. It made me nervous, but I tried to ignore the nervousness in my gut. The time that was written on it was at 3:00 PM. I put my laptop down on the coffee table and stared at the ground for a little while.

For some reason, I couldn't think of the harm in going. My thoughts drifted though, I started thinking about my ex. My mood shifted towards anger and disgust as I thought about him. I knew he had some of his things littered around my apartment, and sooner or later he'd come for it. I let the anger take over my thoughts and I got up to collect his things in a bag.

Fuck him. I had the overwhelming urge to make him know what I didn't care and I could do what I wanted. Who did he think he was, trying to control my life like he was. I collected all of this things in a big paper bag and walked outside with a lighter. It was early on into the Spring, so it was comfortable but a bit nippy outside but I didn't care as my barefeet met the cold surface of the Earth. I walked to the back of the apartment complex and tossed the paper bag on the ground. I sat down in front of it, and used the lighter to ignite, to erase some of the things that caused me pain deep inside.
I watched as it all burned away, burned into nothing but ashes and dust. Clothes, a pair of shoes, and some other things were burned in that bag. I didn't care. After a couple of minutes I had that feeling I was being watched again. I wiped away some tears that were forming in my eyes and looked around, but I saw no one. I grumbled to myself, walking back into the apartment, to hear my phone ringing. My friend Cassie was calling and I smiled a bit at the phone and answered.


"Dude, I've called you like 3 times, what's up?"  Her voice rang.

Cassie was my best friend, ever since my Mom died when I was 17, she and I lived together until I got my shit together and got enough to rent an apartment.

"Nothing. I just burnt Mark's things." I said quietly.

"What? Did you guys break up or something?" She said. Cassie was oblivious so the abusive relationship Mark and I were in. I never told her because I didn't want to worry her.


"Well, we can talk about it over lunch. No ifs ands or buts; I'll come pick you up now." I sighed a little bit and nodded to myself when I heard that.

"Well, I need to be somewhere at 3. I've got some things to do."

There was some silence on the other line, and I was about to repeat myself until I heard an okay on the other side, and that she'd be here in 15 minutes.

I was going to that cafe at 3, despite my pessemistic feelings about it. I got dressed in a plain white T-Shirt and black jeans, and found my favourite pair of shoes, my light pink slip on shoes. I took my brush and pulled it through my brunette hair, and glanced at the clock in my room. 12:10. I glanced towards the mirror and I could've sword I saw a tall silhouette of a man in the mirror behind me. I gasped and dropped the brush and spun around to find nothing there. I rubbed my eyes and took a double take. Nothing again.
I heard the honk of a car and jumped a bit, and shook my head.

Get a hold of yourself Lilly.

I rubbed my temples and ran the brush through my hair a few more times and went outside with a small smile on my face and went into the car and we drove downtown to have lunch and talk for a while.

Cassie and I chit chatted at the restaurant for at least 2 hours.

It was about 2:20 when we were done and got out of the restaurant. I told Cassie the address of where I needed to go by showing the notepad.

"What are you doing anyways?" She questioned all of a sudden while putting a CD in the radio.

"Meeting up with someone I met." I admitted.

"What! Tell me all about it!" She exclaimed.

I told her I'd rather not because I honestly didn't know what I was entirely letting myself get into. After a few fits from her and her attempts to get info out of me via puppy eyes, she gave up and played the CD she put into the radio some time ago. The song "Sad Songs by Andrew Jackson Jihad" played.

Cassie always listened to strange music, but this I could relate to in a way. The lyrics rolled by and some lines caught my attention with how much relevance they had to my life.

♪  I never liked writing poetry and I never liked doing pottery.
And God knows that I never learned to paint.
So every now and then, I'll sing sad songs
cus it keeps my spirit light and my conscience clean.
And if you don't care to hear I don't mind if you go out for some air.
Cus I'm happy that you're happier than me.
I'm happy that you're happier than me.
I'm happy that you're happier than me. ♪

I frowned a bit at those lyrics. It was true, I didn't have much way of getting all of my worries out of my heart. I didn't know how to sing, paint, do pottery, play an insturment, whatever..Everything just pent up inside like a pop bottle being shaken and yearning for release.

Silence was exchanged between Cassie and I. She was into the music and didn't want to talk right now anyways. After about 30 minutes, we were at the address. Cassie told me to tell her all the details when it was over and waved goodbye to me as I watched her roll in her cute little car.

The scent of roses hit me like a brick wall. Yeah, this was the right place, no doubt about it. I was still watching the end of the street, honestly a bit nervous to turn around. This place was a bit of a ways away from the town, a bit secluded. That was why this cafe was closed; it didn't get enough business way out here. I turned around slowly and he was right there. Right in front of me. It made me jump a bit, and I backed up a bit uncomfortable with the up-frontness of it all.

"Hello, beautiful." His voice had a bit of a...purr?

Then there it was again.

That fucking rose again. Why was he persisting with that rose? It was perfect, and it was tempting to take, but like I thought before, he was acting like we were long lost lovers or some dumb shit like that.

I shook my head.

"What are you, like a Casanova or something trying to swipe Juliet off of her feet?" I questioned, crossing my arms and refusing the ache to grab the perfectly, pink bloomed rose.

"Something like that." He said.

"Look, I'm not the type for roses, I mean, we just met and the first thing you did was offer me a rose. It's sweet, sure, but..a bit weird." I said honestly.

"What's wrong with being a gentlemen?" He retorted.

I didn't have a comeback for that. I blinked a bit, looking from his blank face to the rose. The longer I looked at it, the more beautiful it became.

"Well, beautiful? Do you want the rose or not?" His voice was became more alluring, encouraging me to take the rose as if it was a matter of life or death. I bit my lip in frustration, he was a stranger to me but the gesture was just...sweet.

Slowly, my arm extended out. What was the harm of a rose? The moment was like slow motion in my vision. My attention was fully on the rose and not on the man any longer, and I failed to notice the skin ripping from his face to form a sharp tooth, killer grin. His hand fell away from the rose once I took grasp of it and looked in awe at the perfect alignment of the pedals.

"Wow..It's bea-" I said and stopped talking when I looked up, seeing his face I instantly dropped the rose and attempted to bolt, but his arms instantly wrapped around me and pulled me into him.

I screamed and struggled to escape, but it seemed like that just excited him or something like that. Adrenaline began rushing through my veins as I felt his hot breath on the side of my neck and suddenly what I guessed was his tongue drag across my cheek. I screamed again, but I knew it was in vain. There was no one around here to hear or see what was happening to me.

I glanced back and what I saw frightened me even more. He had white tentacles coming out of him, and it caused me to just become stunned.

"Don't worry babe," He purred, "I'll please you like no one else ever could."

I screamed so loud that my lungs burned for oxygen and then, we weren't there at the cafe anymore.

Only the perfect, pink rose remained where we once were.

Lust pt. 2 by UltraLulzz

Lilly - Belongs to me
Cassie - Belongs to me
Smexy belongs to :iconarcanineryu:
If you don't know who or what Smexy is, read this.
Previous: [link]
Next: [link]

the next part is obviously going to contain mature stuff guise.
so mature content will be on for the next one.
if you notice any grammar mistakes, please tell me. <3
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you don't, it was taken down and I do not have plans to rewrite.
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It was deleted. 
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