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I was never the loving type, even if my name had a romantic meaning behind it. Lilly is my name. A name of a flower which often represented love in its early stages. Hell, I don't even act like a girl - I may look like one, but I think more like a guy, but that's besides the point. I had a boyfriend, and I won't even mention his name. It doesn't even matter anymore. He was abusive, hitting whenever he wanted. I got sick of it and finally hit him back, but it wasn't a good idea. I may think like a guy, but I am not strong like a guy. I'm a feeble woman,  with not much strength. On the night I ran out of my ex's house, everything changed much quicker than I thought even possible....


My bare-feet trudged upon the cold concrete. I should've gotten my shoes and my jacket. I was freezing, nothing but the cold breeze of the outside embracing me. My tank top and jeans didn't offer me much protection from the bitter, unforgiving breeze. I sighed, bringing my hands to my mouth and blowing hot air, rubbing my hands together and putting them on my face. My cheeks were blistered red from the cold. I was sore, too; I ran out from my now ex's home because we got into a nasty fight. I never wanted to see him again. I bit my lip angerly, drawing up some blood. I just wanted to go home...but it was about a 2 hour walk. In the cold.

Not to mention I was tired, beaten, barely having the strength to lift my legs to walk. Suddenly, the trudging of my feet ceased when a smell other than the pollution of the nearby city was carried in the breeze. Roses? What the... I turned around, looking towards where the smell was coming from with a cocked brow.  I saw a tall man, a VERY tall man leaning on a lone light post looking in the opposite direction of me. I must've looked like an idiot, staring like I was. When he turned his head suddenly and looked at me, I jumped a bit in surprise and my face went a bit red from the embarrassment and the cold. Spotted.

I saw a small grin form on his face. He was in a trench coat, heavy black boots, a fedora  and a tie but other than that I didn't see anything else. A breeze passed by again from him to me, and with a confirmed nod to myself I concluded the scent of roses were in fact coming from him. I watched as he lifted his arm and curled a finger in a "come here" motion. I looked around to see if there was anyone else, but there wasn't. Of course he's motioning to you, dipshit, who else was there around? I bullied myself and walked over to him, shocked at how tall he was when I got close. I had to practically crane my neck to look at his...wait, he didn't have a face..and his skin was as white as pure snow. Who was this guy? What was this guy?

Silence was exchanged for a few moments, and then he spoke. "Rough night?" He questioned, nodding towards the bruises on my arms. I didn't know what to say, so I just nodded quietly. His smirk faded and his face went blank, his hand in his pocket. I expected the worst, I was always pessimistic about most situations. I expected a knife, or gun, but what was pulled out of his pocket shocked me.

A perfect, light pink rose. Despite my bitter attitude, my favourite colour was pink. I never admitted my favourite colour to anyone; how could he know? Was it a coincidence? The rose looked absolutely perfect, unharmed by nature as if it was artificially made, fake. My fingers went forward to see if it was fake or not, but then the sane part of my mind pierced through my wonder.

Who was this guy? Why was he offering me a rose like we're long lost lovers? I bit my lip and curled my fingers back when I was not even an inch away from touching the perfect pedals of the rose. "What's wrong?" His voice pierced my thoughts, his voice like honey.

"I'm not really in the mood for roses, sir, though your offer..shocked me." I said. "Maybe I'd accept it another day when I'm in a better mood." I watched as a smirk returned to his face and he put the rose back in his pocket, then grabbing a sharpie from his pocket he grabbed my arm and wrote something on my arm that was barely eligible.

"Don't be late babe." His voice rumbled and suddenly when I blinked he was gone.

I was baffled, and I didn't understand for a while. The smell of roses lingered as I furrowed my brow in confusion and looked at the address sloppily written on my arm.

.."Did I just get a date?" I grumbled, glancing down at the chicken scratch on my arm and frowned a bit and began trudging my feet towards home again.

Lust pt. 1 by UltraLulzz

Woohoo, writing that story about Smexy and my OC Lilly. c:
Lilly - Belongs to me
Smexy belongs to :iconarcanineryu:
If you don't know who or what Smexy is, read this.
Next [link]
The next part may contain mature situations, therefore the mature filter will be on strict, so if you are not 18 you will not be able to view. Once it comes out, message me if you can't see it and I will note you it or something.. lol.
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