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No wealth, no ruin, no silver no gold,
nothing satisfies me but your soul.

Name: Jackie DeVille Hannibal

Height: 14'8"

Weight: 1147 Lbs

Clothes: Jackie typically if she does wear clothes, it is all black, usually black dresses. Sometimes she doesn't because she has a natural dark cloak about her, formed of what looks like to be shadows.

Hair: Long black hair that flows in random directions.

Skin: Her skin actually changes from time to time depending on her mood. When she's pissed for example, it looks a bit sickly looking. She ALWAYS has dark bags under her eyes, but if she's in a good mood, her skin will appear healthy and full of colour. (bad moods include going berserk, mad, etc. She is hardly "happy", so her skin having "colour" would say she is content with something, like a kill for example, etc. )

Eyes: Piercing golden eyes.

Other: Jackie does have a more human like appearance, only being 6ft and having black hair, her eyes still gold. It is unknown if the clothes she wears are real in this form, since they just appear on her when she goes into the form. It is unknown what these clothes are made of. Her breasts also, instead of having nipples, have mouths accommodated with long black tongues and very sharp teeth.

Languages Spoken: Jackie knows every language spoken. She is incredibly smart and since she has had plenty of time wandering the planet she has had plenty of time to learn.

Place of Birth: Jackie was born among the stars; she is not of this world.

Characteristics: Jackie used to live in regret, because she had failed her true purpose. Her original purpose in this world was to create harmony and balance, but now she is utterly the opposite. Long ago, she was corrupted by The Devil himself and she fell from the stars onto this planet, which she had damned by being corrupted. The Devil successfully made her the source of evil on this world, she is the reason men turn arms on one another. Thousands and thousands of years later she overthrew the Devil by turning his own soldiers against him because Jackie proposed to give them more than he had. The Devil had after-all broken a deal with Jackie, the deal being if she continued to do his bidding she'd receive more power in turn. He eventually broke that deal and in the end, that also urged Jackie to over throw him and become the prime evil.

She is not nice by any means, and no longer regrets her past. She lives life in sin and will do anything to taint the minds of the innocent. She will also often bargain with people with the price of their soul; the desperate ones are always her favourite.

She will do anything to steal your dignity.

Making deals with her or offering alliance with her is more often than not - a very poor idea, because she will (almost instantaneously), seek out a loophole in said deal and exploit it, often at the cost of said allegiances fall and in turn pledging total obedience to her. Those that continue to strongly oppose her, she will do almost anything in her power to get them to bow down to her whim. She often controls her world like a "pack of wolves."

She shows no mercy in battle unless she truly knows the person is either broken or plain out dead. Ask the woman for mercy, it will not happen.

Strengths: Jackie is strongly a brute force fighter, she will attempt to overwhelm you with her immense strength, although she doesn't have any visible muscle she is very, very strong. Fighting Jackie head on is not recommended.

She is also fast, but not the fastest being around. She is definitely faster than a human or a demon for example, but some creatures can keep up with her.

Beware her eyes. Once they go totally black, do not look into them, you will get lost. If you stare into the abyss, the abyss will stare back into you.

She is often seen using shadow manipulation, which is why she never comes out during the day. Jackie will manipulate shadows in an attempt to blind you, or make it harder to see. She will create a fog or "smog" effect and will teleport freely around that area of fog, confusing her opponent.

Jackie typically works with people that are as rotten as her, having "embassaries" of people who spread her chaos and influence around the world to further fuel her.

Weaknesses: Very bright lights. Jackie is a nocturnal creature and therefore her eyes are sensitive to light, but said light must be very bright to temporarily blind her.

Persistence in avoiding her. She will eventually get bored and give up.

Unfortunately for her opponent, Jackie can never truly die. Whilst her body can die, her spirit will never falter, and she will have a new body in the next hour or so upon death, or she she can invade a body and take it as host if there is anyone near by upon her onset of bodily death.

Having faith is a weakness of Jackie. If you have an object, lets say a cross for example and truly, really TRULY believe that you are safe with said object she will not be able to touch you and will give up. This is why Jackie hates the heavily religious because they are protected by "God", and are therefore immune to her corruption.

Cutting off her head. Her body will search instantly for her head, but it can be difficult for the body because without the brain, it cannot teleport. It often stumbles without her head.

Sexuality: Unknown. She has never really expressed interest.
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Demon of Darkness by half-rose

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